You Pique my (P)interest

Pinterest is mostly know as a place where people share and “pin” fashion, beauty and fitness related things, but Pinterest can actually be much more than that. It was first created to be another community or way of sharing different things, but as we know when new ideas are created people will find many more ways to use it than what it was created for. Teachers and educators are now sharing more than 500,000 education pins daily ( Personally I did not know that Pinterest held an eductional part. When I explored it a little, I was surprised with how much information students and teachers could really get from this unconventional source.

When I think of Pinterest in the classroom, I think of the students using it first. I think that it would be useful for group project, brainstorming or research. In a group project, Pinterest could be used to share ideas, concepts and information via pictures ( What is great with this website is also that every “pin” has the original link attached to it and that can lead to even more information. Teachers can also leave comment on students work directly on the “pinned” image. For students, Pinterest is more eye-catching than other research engines because all the images are big and colorful and there are a lot of things to look at.

I also think that for a research project Pinterest would be a very interesting tool to have kids use. For instance if they have to do a report on their favorite animal, they have pictures and information about the animal all in the same place and can build their project in a more efficient way. It is a one stop shop for information. It is also a way for students to share their projects among themselves. I think that the more students know about the tools at their disposal, the more they will know which to use for certain projects. I think introducing them to many things will help them be more efficient and more autonomous.

As for teachers, Pinterest is also a great resource to share and find new content and activities for classes. With the new “education” section ( teachers can share lesson plans and while looking through this section I even saw a lot of posts on how to deal with students with ADHD or Autism. It’s a fabulous way to get input on lesson plans and just see what is going on in the teaching community all over the world.

I think that as a resource in education, Pinterest may be an unconventional choice but it is worth a look. Both teachers and students can benefit from the colorful layout and tons of information hidden in these cute little “pins”. It’s an opening to so many different opinions and ideas that I can’t think of someone who wouldn’t benefit from the use of Pinterest.


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